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9,60 лв с вкл. данък

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Техническо описание

Размер на струни 011
Материал на изработка Nickel Plated Steel
Производител Dunlop

Повече информация

El. Guitar Strings Set - Light Top - Medium Heavy • 11-50 • Nickel Plated Steel 

• A unique combination of crisp highs, aggressive mids, and a focused low end gives Dunlop Electric Guitar Strings a voice all their own. 

• The Dunlop recipe for string-to-string balance and responsiveness produces string sets that are perfect for dynamic lead work, while notes in a chord ring out clearly whether clean or heavily distorted. 

• This powerful voice is delivered in a low tension string with a smooth tactile feel that breaks in fast and lasts a long time. 

• VCI packaging includes a vapor corrosion inhibitor sealed in an airtight lock to keep humidity and oxidation out – which ensures freshness as the same day it was wound. 

E: 0.011" 
B: 0.014" 
G: 0.018" 
D: 0.028" 
A: 0.038" 
E: 0.050"