Alesis BASSFX - мултиефект процесор за бас

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Alesis BASSFX - мултиефект процесор за бас

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Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal. 

The BassFX is a fantastic floor multi-effects unit which puts formidable effects processing technology beneath the feet of musicians, at an incredibly low price! The BassFX is a full-featured DSP toolbox, designed to deliver incredible sounding amplifier modeling, modulation effects, delays and reverbs in a compact, easy-to-use pedalboard for stage and studio applications. 


• 40 programs, each a factory preset that can be edited by the user or restored to factory default 
• 9 effects modules, each with multiple selectable effects,over 40 different effects, innumerable effects combinations 
• 8 different signal routing options for re-ordering effects modules 
• Battery powered operation 
• External power option 
• Built-in Auto-Chromatic Tuner 
• Simple user interface