Bugera BC30-212 усилвател за китара

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Bugera BC30212 лампов усилвател за китара

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30-Watt Class-A Tube Combo with Tube Rectifier. 

The BC30-212 combo amp is a musical instrument unto itself; it's the ideal complement to your guitar, and the extra band member you've always needed. That's because unlike most amps, the BC30-212 responds to the subtle characteristics of your playing technique, giving your creativity a voice all its own. It all starts with your choice of rectifier tubes: one 5AR4 for an explosive attack, or; two 5V4s (not included), which provide a velvety-smooth and round response. 


• Hand-built 30-Watt Class-A guitar combo driven by 4 x EL84 tubes 
• Mind-blowing distortion with terrifying punch and breathtaking vintage clean that breathes with headroom 
• True tube rectifier gives you the flexibility of using one 5AR4 for a explosive attack or two 5V4s (not included) for a smooth and round response 
• Channel 1 features two 12AX7s creating a parallel triode circuit and an interactive EQ with amazing responsiveness 
• Channel 2 sports a high gain channel based on a specially selected 12AX7 tube coupled to a 6-position tone switch 
• Power amp section features a Cut control for rolling off the high end plus a Master volume control 
• Power switch reduces output power to 15 Watts for more sound variation 
• Speaker Reverse switch reverses the direction of the speaker to influence the amount of distorted sound 
• Each channel offers an independent effects loop 
• Illuminated front panel and logo for a super cool look 
• Impedance switch (4, 8 and 16 Ohms) to match virtually any speaker cabinet