BUGERA EL84 - лампа за усилвател Преглед отблизо

BUGERA EL84 - лампа за усилвател

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BUGERA EL84 - лампа за усилвател

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26,29 лв с вкл. данък

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Premium and Hand-Selected Power Pentode. 

BUGERA premium-grade EL84 power tubes are hand-selected to bring out the best in your amplifier. Their consistently robust power, rugged durability and high-voltage performance make them ideal for all guitar, bass and other audio tube amplifier applications. 


• The EL84 is the little brother of the EL34 and originated in Europe 
• Its typical touch-sensitive sustain and articulation led to the famous British sound 
• The BUGERA EL84 is true to its classic roots and designed to the original specs to produce the tight, aggressive yet warm and smooth tone with its defined bass, crushing mid range and crystal-like highs