Ефект за китара - Boss DD-7

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Ефект за китара - Boss DD-7

Гаранция -  12 месеца

Произведен - Тайван

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Ефект за китара - Boss DD-7


Controls: E.LEVEL, F.BACK, D.TIME, MODE Pedal switch 
Indicator: CHECK (Used for indication of TEMPO, HOLD, and to check battery) 

INPUT-A (MONO) jack, INPUT-B jack 
OUTPUT-A (MONO) jack, OUTPUT-B jack 
AC adaptor jack (DC 9 V) 

Delay Time: 
1 ms to 6400 ms* 
Maximum recording time: 40 sec (in Hold mode) 
*Values may vary according to the mode and connections. 

Nominal Input Level: -20 dBu 
Input Impedance: 1 M ohm 

Nominal Output Level: -20 dBu 
Output Impedance: 1 k ohm 
Recommended Load Impedance: 10 ohms or greater 

Power Supply 
DC 9 V:Dry battery, 9 V type (6F22/carbon, 6LR61/alkaline) 
AC Adaptor (PSA-series: optional) 
DC 9 V: Dry battery 6F22 (9 V) type (carbon)/ 
Dry battery 6LR61 (9 V) type (alkaline), 
AC Adaptor (PSA-series: optional) 
Current Draw: 55 mA (DC 9 V) 
* Expected battery life under continuous use: Carbon: 1.5 hours, Alkaline: 6 hours. These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use. 

Owner's Manual, Mode Sticker, Application Sticker, Leaflets ("USING THE UNIT SAFELY," "IMPORTANT NOTES," and "Information"), Dry battery (9 V type, 6LR61) *1 

AC adaptor (PSA-series), Footswitch: FS-5U, Expression pedal: Roland EV-5 

Size and Weight 
Width: 73 mm (2-7/8 inches) 
Depth: 129 mm (5-1/8 inches) 
Height: 59 mm (2-3/8 inches) 
Weight: 440 g