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REMO SD-0114-00

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REMO SD-0114-00 - 14" за малък барабан 

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Drumhead - DIPLOMAT® HAZY series • Snare • 14" 

• The perfect Resonant head for Snare Drums. 
• The Hazy Diplomat® is a single ply of 2-mil Mylar® designed as the perfect resonant head for snare drums. 
• They’re known for their bright warm tones, resonance, and sustain. 
• Hazy Diplomat® heads accentuate snare drum response and give a classic look to snare drums. 

• Ply: Single 
• Thickness: 2-mil Mylar® film 
• Type: Hazy 
• Tone: Bright 
• Sustain: Long 
• Durability: Med-Low