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Proel RSM600 - стойка за ноти

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Proel RSM600 - стойка за ноти

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Proel RSM600 - стойка за ноти

Professional sturdy steel tube music sheet stand. Fully 3-position height-adjustable, tiltable by means of the new locking clamps, enhanced to grant maximum stability. Supplied with an orientable music holder, scratch-proof contact points and rubber footcaps. Nylon carrying bag 210 included.


• Base dimension: 620 mm
• Pipe dimension: 1st section 19 mm
• 2nd section: 16 mm
• 3rd section: 12,5 mm
• Legs: 16 mm
• Minimum Height: 500 mm
• Maximum height: 1120 mm
• Colours Available: Matte black
• Notes: 500 x 290 mm